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Literary Blossoms to Baubles - Jane Eyre


Exclusive to The Crow Emporium by Blossoms to Baubles.

Each glass bauble contains sprigs of heather from the Haworth moors, collected from pieces blown on the winds and on paths trodden by Emily, Charlotte and Anne…a treasure to hang in your home all year round. It includes daisy, pansy, cornflower, Heather and white roses.

“From the well-known names of these towns I learn in what county I have lighted; a north-midland shire, dusk with moorland, ridged with mountain: this I see. There are great moors behind and on each hand of me; there are waves of mountains far beyond that deep valley at my feet. The population here must be thin, and I see no passengers on these roads: they stretch out east, west, north, and south — white, broad, lonely; they are all cut in the moor, and the heather grows deep and wild to their very verge.” - Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre

Baubles contains sustainable glitter, dried flowers and ribbons. Remember, dried flowers continue to change over time so these ornaments may change appearance over time.

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