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Exclusive Jane Austen Softcover Journal


Our beautiful Moo softcover journal travels wherever your thoughts go. Light and flexible, the Softcover Journal is your on-the-go notebook.  Featuring the artwork of Jane Austen as part of our exclusive women in literature series, artist Kirsty Maclennan has captured the courage, strength and sass of the great female writers of our time. Each drawing represents the art and decor of the time as well as a special quote capturing the essence of the writers journey.

Slim and bendy enough to fit in overstuffed bags. You’ll never have to think twice about packing it. With 60 pages of Munken Kristall for smooth scribbling. And 4 pages of G. F. Smith’s Colorplan in the middle. All thoughtfully sewn together. 

Lavender cover with grey, dotted central pages. 130 x 207mm. 64 pages

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Jane Austen web2.jpg
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Jane Austen web.jpg