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Exclusive Women in Literature Series launched at The Crow Emporium

Hello Literary Friends,

We are so excited to announce a very special partnership with UK artist Kirsty Maclennan  who has drawn three exclusive drawings for The Crow Emporium Women in Literature Series featuring Virginia Woolf, Mary Shelley and Jane Austen.  

Artist Kirsty Maclennan has captured the courage, strength and sass of the great female writers of our time. Each drawing represents the art and decor of the time as well as a special quote capturing the essence of the writers journey.  

We have her beautiful and powerful artwork available as prints or notebooks.

Virginia Woolf Kirsty Maclennan


You can follow Kirsty on instagram at @kirstymaclennanartist

Kirsty Maclennan - Artist Bio

I grew up in Gateshead, a stone’s throw away from the vibrant city-centre of Newcastle.

I owe my ability to draw to my grandfather, who let me riffle through his extensive Reader’s Digest library, filled with world history and astronomy and poetry. It is here that I found the ‘How to Draw’ manual, a large dry volume, filled with painstaking step by step guides, to drawing everything from sleeping cats to space rockets. With this stately tome by my side, I sat in my grandparents’ frontroom each day after school and learned to draw the world.

I decided to sacrifice one love for another when picking my degree, and studied English Literature at Northumbria University. In between assignment deadlines and reading lists, it was my secret pleasure to rise early on Sundays, make a good strong pot of coffee, fill my room with music and dedicate the morning to painting sea-blue canvases.

I am inspired by many things: trees and wind and rain, lost afternoons wandering around any gallery I happen upon, and by the words and lives of great writers. I have read for as long as I have been able to draw, and words seem to flow into my artwork of their own accord.   

By way of Grasmere, Liverpool, a definitively inclusive tour of  West Yorkshire, and too many jobs to mention, I find myself in the beautiful town of York, with a man, a tortoise and a studio filled with light.